Sublime Text 3 v3.3143 绿色汉化特别版

Sublime Text – 性感的代码编辑器、程序员之必备神器!
Sublime Text 是个代码编辑器,也是HTML和散文先进的文本编辑器。Sublime Text 具有漂亮的用户界面和强大的功能,例如代码缩略图,Python的插件,代码段等。还可自定义键绑定,菜单和工具栏。Sublime Text 的主要功能包括:拼写检查,书签,完整的 Python API , Goto 功能,即时项目切换,多选择,多窗口等等。Sublime Text 是一个跨平台的编辑器,同时支持Windows、Linux、Mac OS X等操作系统。


2017.09.13 Sublime Text 3 Build 3143 Stable

* Refreshed UI theme, including full high DPI support
* New icon
* Added alternate theme, Adaptive, that inherits colors from the color scheme
* Added new color schemes Breakers, Mariana and Sixteen, derived from the excellent * work of Chris Kempson and Dmitri Voronianski
* Added color scheme and theme switchers with live preview via the command palette
* Windows: Added touch input
* Linux: Added repositories for apt, yum and pacman
* Mac: Added Touch Bar support
* Mac: Support for custom color window title bars on OS X 10.10+
* Many additions and bug fixes to the theme engine, plus full documentation
* Significant improvements to Markdown syntax highlighting, with thanks to keith-hall
* Significant improvements to C# syntax highlighting, with thanks to gwenzek
* Significant improvements to Java syntax highlighting, with thanks to djspiewak
* Significant improvements to Python syntax highlighting, with thanks to FichteFoll
* Significant improvements for R syntax highlighting, with thanks to randy3k
* Markdown: Improved symbol handling
* C#: Improved symbol handling
* Many other syntax highlighting improvements
* Various bugs with the syntax highlighting engine have been resolved
* Fixed several crash issues
* Improved responsiveness when the system is under high CPU load
* High DPI textures are used on Windows and Linux when the DPI scale is greater than 1.0
* Improved font selection on all platforms, allowing selection of different weights by name
* Added setting theme_font_options to control font rendering of UI elements
* Improved auto indent rules for HTML and PHP
* Font geometry issues that prevent bold or italics are now printed in the console
* Fixed flash-of-white that could occur when the auto complete window is closed
* Disable scroll animation when animation_enabled is false in settings
* Files can now be renamed when only the case has changed
* New windows start with an empty find history
* Find in Files panel now responds to find_all and replace_all commands
* Various regex handling improvements in the Find panel
* Fixed text widgets cutting off the bottom pixel of their selection border
* Fixed an issue with close_windows_when_empty in empty session
* Fixed empty panes on startup when hot_exit was set to false
* Fix Open Containing Folder on Windows with a folder containing a comma
* Fix multi-cursor pasting when clipboard contains one or more full lines
* Prevent UNC paths from being mangled by edit_settings
* Prevent a crash when a malformed regex is used in indentation settings
* Improved rendering performance with a large number of gutter icons
* Gutter icons are now sized properly on Windows and Linux high DPI screens
* Improved sidebar performance when folders contain many thousands of files
* Improved inline error message style
* Fixed an issue where multiple indexing status windows could be shown
* Windows: Font rendering defaults to DirectWrite unless using Consolas or Courier New
* Windows: Added support for no_antialias font option when using DirectWrite
* Windows: Improved touch pad scrolling
* Windows: Improved file change detection robustness
* Windows: Improved font selection logic
* Windows: Fix ctrl+` shortcut for UK (ISO) keyboards
* Windows: Improved fallback font handling in UI elements
* Windows: The subl executable on OS X and plugin_host.exe on Windows are now signed
Windows: sublime_text.exe now has CompanyName set in VERSIONINFO
* Mac: Handle layout changes due to macOS Sierra tabs
* Mac: Improved default web browser detection
* Mac: OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12+ default to using San Francisco for the UI font
* Mac: Fixed file change notifications from freezing UI on macOS Sierra
* Mac: the user’s default shell is executed and environmental variables are set in the * plugin Python environment
* Linux: Update X11 selection on clipboard every time selection changes
* Linux: Improved MOD3 modifier key handling
* minihtml: Added support for borders
* minihtml: Respects font_options from the settings
* minihtml: Fixed layout of html popups on Windows and Linux under High DPI
* minihtml: Fixed crash when doctype is present
* minihtml: Fixed a crash from non-existent CSS vars
* minihtml: Fixed a crash triggered by bad image paths
* API: Add View.text_to_window() and View.layout_to_window()
* API: All API functions now accept and return device-independent-pixels
* API: Fixed input panel not running on_cancel when re-showing the input panel
* API: Fixed selector scoring with the & operator
* API: Fixed a bug causing incorrect phantom contents
* API: Fixed crash in Window.set_view_index()
* API: Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2k, SQLite to 3.16.02


by roustar31、ZDFANS.COM
– 基于 Sublime Text 3 官方版进行修改汉化
– 集成正版密钥默认已注册,去自动检测升级提示
– 整合GBK插件支持简体中文整合多款主题及细节优化
– 整合Git、DocBlockr、MarkdownPreview、ColorPicker、AllAutocomplete等插件
– 参考清风流音的汉化,清除个人信息
– 可选添加/删除右键菜单

by 流风清音

(1)Alignment: 代码对齐插件,即”=”号对齐,变量定义太多,长短不一,可一键对齐,默认快捷键Ctrl+Alt+A可能和QQ截屏功能冲突,可设置其他快捷键如:Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
(2)AutoFileName: 快捷输入文件名插件,自动完成文件名的输入,如图片选取,输入”/”即可看到相对于本项目文件夹的其他文件。
(3)BracketHighlighter: 代码匹配插件,可匹配[], (), {}, “”, ”, ,高亮标记,便于查看起始和结束标记,点击对应代码即可。
(4)ClipboardHistory: 剪切板历史记录插件,方便使用复制/剪切的内容,Ctrl+alt+v:显示历史记录,Ctrl+alt+d:清空历史记录,Ctrl+shift+v:粘贴上一条记录(最旧),Ctrl+shift+alt+v:粘贴下一条记录(最新)
(5)CodeFormatter: 代码格式化插件,支持PHP、JavaScript/JSON、HTML、CSS/SCSS、Python、Visual Basic、Coldfusion/Railo/Lucee等等。
(6)ConvertToUTF8: 编辑并保存目前编码不被 Sublime Text 支持的文件,特别是中日韩用户使用的GB2312,GBK,BIG5,EUC-KR,EUC-JP ,ANSI等。
(7)DocBlockr: 代码注释插件,标准的注释,包括函数名、参数、返回值等,并以多行显示,省去手动编写。
(8)Emmet: HTML/CSS代码快速编写插件,对于前端来说,可是必备插件。
(9)FileDiffs: 强大的比较代码不同工具,比较当前文件与选中的代码、剪切板中代码、另一文件、未保存文件之间的差别,右键标签页,出现FileDiffs Menu或者Diff with Tab…选择对应文件比较即可。
(10)Git: Git管理插件,基本上实现了Git的所有功能。
(11)IMESupport: 实现中文输入法鼠标跟随插件。
(12)KeymapManager: 快捷键管理插件,通过Ctrl+alt+k或者通过顶部菜单“查看 -> 快捷键管理”打开面板。
(13)PackageControl: 插件管理插件,提供添加、删除、禁用、查找插件等功能。
(14)SideBarEnhancements: 侧边栏右键增强插件,可以自定义打开方式快捷键,非常实用。
(15)SublimeCodeIntel: 代码自动提示插件,支持绝大多数前端开发语言。
(16)SublimeLinter: 代码语法检测插件,支持C/C++、CSS、HTML、Java、JavaScript、Lua、Perl、PHP、Python、Ruby、XML等等。
(17)SyncedSidebarBg: 侧边栏与主题颜色同步更新插件,自动同步侧边栏底色为编辑窗口底色。
(18)Theme-Nil: 完美的编码主题,用过的都说很好。


A:按快捷键Ctrl+Shift+P,输入 install 并回车,选择相应插件安装即可。或者依次点击“首选项 – 插件控制 – Install Package”进行插件安装。
/** Sidebar tree (bg) **/
“class”: “sidebar_tree”,
“dark_content”: true,
“row_padding”: [12, 4],
“indent”: 13,
“indent_offset”: 15,
“indent_top_level”: false,
“layer0.tint”: [32,32,32], /* darker gray */ /* 输入喜欢的颜色的对应RGB值即可 */
“layer0.opacity”: 1.0,
“dark_content”: true

A:依次点击“首选项” – “设置 – 用户”打开文件,按原有格式添加以下配置即可。提示:记得给原来的最后一行末尾添加一个半角逗号。
“caret_style”: “phase”,
“caret_extra_top”: 0,
“caret_extra_bottom”: 0,
“caret_extra_width”: 1,
“class”: “icon_folder”,
“content_margin”: [0,0]
“class”: “icon_file_type”,
“content_margin”: [0,0]
“class”: “icon_folder_loading”,
“content_margin”: [0,0]
A:这里以Win7来说明,桌面 – 鼠标右键 – 个性化 – 显示 – 设置自定义文本大小(DPI) – 选择“较小 – 100%(默认)”即可。或者点击“首选项” – “设置 – 用户”打开文件,在末尾加上一行代码覆盖系统的DPI。
“dpi_scale”: 1.0,

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