Sandboxie v5.24 正式版破解驱动及注册机



2018-03-12 v5.24 Final
* Added support for Secure Boot.
* Fixed Win 7-64 Sbie driver load failure with KB4056897 /KB4056894.
* Fixed BSOD in Win 10-32 CU with KB4074592.
* Fixed Win 10-32 FCU dllhost.exe / sbiedll.dll initialization fail.
* Fixed crash in Windows 10 FR Build 17035 and added support for FR up to 17101.
* Fixed BSOD with Print2Flash install.
* Fixed Office 2013-C2R failure to start.
* Source code updated to Visual Studio 2015.
Added support for Firefox Favicons (Right-click on your Sandbox –> Sandbox Settings–> Applications —> Web Browser —> Firefox –> Allow direct access to Firefox bookmark and history database).
Addressed an issue in which Opera 51/Chrome v64 dev/Canary were crashing when Sandboxed [viewtopic.php?p=130933#p130933]
For x86 systems –> If you encounter “SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process Start.exe [11 / 87]” after creating a new Sandbox/installing this beta, please allow 30 seconds to go by, then re-try the action. This is being investigated.


Sandboxie v5.24 Final 安装包+破解驱动+注册机+激活教程

Sandboxie v5.24 Final x32/x64 官方正式版


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